Lifestyle. Nutrition. Performance.

“Your genetics load the gun, your lifestyle pulls the trigger.”
The concept of changing lifestyle factors to influence positive changes in your health is as archaic as it is sagacious. However, Malcolm feels it is the most disregarded aspect when seeking changes in appearance, performance and function. This is why it is the most important characteristic of his three-tier paradigm to success. He will help you change your lifestyle habits directly impacting your strength, performance, and health-related goals. It is his mission to work cohesively to determine your limiting factors, whether they are environmental, personal, or work-related.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”
The way Malcolm approaches nutritional programs is one that needs to be realistic and goal oriented. Based on a non-invasive comprehensive body fat analysis, he will be able to determine an optimal individualized nutritional and supplementation protocol that falls in line with your personal goals. Changing food habits for some individuals can be a sensitive topic; however it is a necessary application when in search of transformation. He will guide and educate you on the importance of food and the vital role it plays in achieving the body of your dreams. By utilizing these methods, you will experience improved mental clarity, optimized energy levels, enhanced hormone signaling, lean muscle tissue building properties, fat loss, better stress management, and favorable sleep patterns.

Nutrition will also help you to loose weight. A proper diet not only makes you stay active all day long but it will also help females to get slim so that they can try the dresses they always wanted to wear. Slim body will make you look good and confident. If you are obese then you will feel bad when going out with friends or relatives.

“You are only as strong as your weakest link.”
This quote best reflects Source Performance’s strength training methodology. Everyone is unique in his physiological, biological, and genetic make-up. This results in unique strengths and weaknesses for all individuals. With this theory as our foundation, Malcolm has adopted innovative structural balance assessments and kinetic chain testing from leading experts, which can specifically identify and strengthen the weakest link of an individual through his customized training programs. In these progressive training programs, stagnation never occurs because variables are continuously manipulated to elicit constant progress and results. With these individualized programs your goals will become a reality in a short amount of time.

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